Veggies Galore
Baby Eggplant Delight Golden bread crumbs seasoned with capers, 
cheese and sweet tomatoes stuffed into tender 
eggplant then baked for an untamed dish. 
Bacony String Beans Fresh crisp green beans tossed with garlic and 
bacon make this side dish incredibly tasty. 
Bean & Potato Salad Tossed with a delicate Italian dressing. 
Chard & Potatoes A delightful blend of potatoes and swiss chard 
sautéed until tender. 
Cheddar Skins Succulent potatoes dripping with velvety cheese 
and crisp bacon then baked until mouth watering. 
Italian Tomato Salad  Juicy ripe tomatoes seasoned until bursting with 
Lite Eggplant Parmesan Tender eggplant drenched in authentic tomato sauce and cheese make this classic dish delicious with considerably less fat than the original.    
Mushroom Salad Vine ripened tomatoes and tender mushrooms 
seasoned until savory. 
Onion Garlic Potatoes Savor the aroma of onions, garlic and  potatoes 
roasting together until golden. 
Pomodori E Mozzarella This translates to sweet tomatoes tossed with mozzarella cheese, Italian herbs and spices then marinated until bursting with flavor. 
Potato Kugel Potato casserole baked until golden and mouth 
watering. Leftovers are rare. 
Potato Latkes Potatoes and special spices make these a tasty 
Spicy Omelet  Breakfast will truly be an eye opener!
Spinach & Garlic Fresh garlic and olive oil brings this tender spinach dish to life.
Spinach Quiche  An amazing blend of vegetables and cheeses baked until sinfully golden. 
Stewed Mushrooms A sinful blend of tender, white mushrooms, salt 
and robust garlic drenched in creamy butter. 
Stewed Zucchini Tender green squash slowly simmered with onions 
and herbs until bursting with sweetness.  
String Beans Italiano Crisp string beans sauted with garlic and fresh 
tomatoes combine to make a special dish. 
Stuffed Artichokes Each tender leaf is smothered in a robust garlic and herb stuffing and simmered until perfect. 
Stuffed Eggplant  Thin, tender eggplant filled with a blend of spinach, 
garlic, onion, fresh spices and fine cheeses then 
drenched in tomato sauce and Mozzarella. 
Stuffed Mushrooms So good and so easy you won't have any leftovers! 
Sun Dried Tomatoes Italian sun dried tomatoes drenched in the finest 
herbs and spices and marinated until bursting 
with flavor. 
Zesty Broccoli  Crisp broccoli gently tossed with a lime and garlic 
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