Sauces & More
Beef Marinade A sinful blend of soy sauce, fresh garlic and olive  
oil blended to drench the most succlents meats. 
EZ Tomato Sauce Fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil simmered until 
bursting with sweetness. 
Fresh Guacamole Onion and garlic combine to create a robust and 
creamy dip. 
Guilt Free Alfredo Sauce Toss this lite and creamy sauce with your favorite 
Italian Meat Sauce The most savory and succulent sauce you have 
ever tasted. 
Italian Tomato Sauce Sun ripened tomatoes and sweet basil, simmered 
until bursting with sweetness. 
Jamaican Hot Pepper These hot peppers are marinated until intensely 
hot and used to compliment any meal. 
Pickled Jalapenos Hot and tangy and great in recipes, on sandwiches 
and even on fish. 
Pork Sauce Use this mouth watering marinade to create sizzling pork dishes. 
Roasted Garlic Absolutely delightful. Add to any dish for an 
exquisite flavor.  
Sensational Salsa A unique blend of hot and sweet united to 
create a wild, crisp salsa. 
Trim Salsa Fresh, sweet tomatoes combine to make a refreshing and spicy dip. 
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