Savory Soups

Chicken & Rice A delicate blend of crisp vegetables, tender  rice, succulent chicken and flavorful broth brings out the natural essence of this soup.
Chicken Egg Drop Tender chicken and egg ribbons simmered 
in a delicate broth make this a savory soup.
Chicken Noodle A must for those bone chilling days!
Chicken Veggie A rich and heart warming blend of wholesome
vegetables, succulent chicken, savory broth 
and tender pasta.
Chick Pea Soup Wholesome peas, tender vegetables, natural 
brown rice and flavorful broth simmered and  seasoned until delightful.
Cream of Mushroom A superb blend of fresh, wild mushrooms,
delicate broth, robust herbs and rich butter
creates a sinfully creamy soup.
Hearty Beef Soup A wonderful blend of savory broth, tender beef,
fresh vegetables and rich herbs simmered until
Hot Chili Soup A hearty  blend of crisp vegetables, robust
herbs and spices, tender beef and savory
Italian Bean Soup A blend of rich broth, hearty beans, sweet 
tomatoes, tender pasta and Italian spices  
creates a heart warming soup.
Lentil Soup Lentils, vegetables and pasta make this an 
incredibly savory soup.
Meaty Bean Soup A hearty blend of tender beef, juicy pork, robust herbs and fresh vegetables simmered for a delightful flavor.
Minestrone Tender vegetables and flavorful beans  
simmered to create a very hearty soup.
Mushroom Barley A heart warming mix of fresh vegetables and 
barley simmered to create a wholesome soup.
Peppery Gumbo A unique blend of okra, vegetables, hot pepper 
and fresh herbsguaranteed to warm up those
cold nights.
Real Chicken Broth Tender chicken and vegetables simmered to 
create a rich, delicate broth.




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