Pork Recipes
Blanc Chops Thick, juicy white meat soaked in wine, olive oil, garlic and robust herbs baked until soft and tender. 
Chops & Potatoes Double breaded to seal in its juices, tossed with 
robust potatoes and baked until golden and 
Hot BBQ Spare Ribs Grill these tender pork ribs as slow and as long as 
possible to release their zesty  flavor. 
Oriental Pork Chops Tender pork drenched in tangy sauce and grilled 
until perfect. 
Pork Kabobs Bite size lean pork marinated until tender and grilled until sizzling 
Ribs Galore Lean pork spare ribs marinated and basted to 
produce the most succulent barbecued ribs. 
Sausage & Pepper Hero Sweet, succulent Italian sausage smothered with 
tender peppers and onions. 
Savory Casserole An exquisite blend of fresh vegetables, aromatic 
herbs, wild mushrooms and soft pork covered with  
a heavenly sauce and baked until tender. 
Stuffed Pork Chops  Tender pork filled with a delightful spinach and 
mushroom stuffing and topped with an exquisite 
Tangy Chops White, tender pork drenched in a tasty blend of 
dijon, soy sauce and herbs, grilled until sizzling. 
Winey Chops  A blend of red wine and seasonings that permeate 
the tender, white meat and gives this dish an 
outstanding flavor. 
Zesty Chops Tender pork chops soaked in a dynamic blend of garlic, ginger and soy sauce then grilled until mouth watering. 
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