Rice & Grains

Arborio Rissotto Tender aborio rice gently simmered in broth, onions, garlic, mushrooms and herbs.
Baked Italian Rice Delicate cheeses, sweet herbs and authentic Italian tomato sauce make this an extraordinary rice dish.
Beefy Rice Savor the aroma of delicate rice gently simmering in fresh herbs, robust spices, tender vegetables and beef broth.
Golden Rice & Orzo A zesty blend of tender rice and pasta simmered
in a savory broth of robust spices.
Rice & Orzo Tender rice and orzo simmered in a delicate broth
and smothered with vegetables then tossed with a
robust cheese.
Rice & Vegetable Medley A delightful blend of crisp vegetables and
delicate white rice.
Risotto Con Orzo Tender rice and delicate orzo simmered in white wine and mushrooms and gently tossed with cheese.
Savory Brown Rice A wonderful blend of brown rice, soy sauce, broth
and delicate mushrooms enhaces this savory dish.
Slim Refried Beans A delicious and healthy version of  this classic recipe.
Spinach & Rice Bake A delightful dish of cheddar cheese, fresh spinach
and tender rice baked to perfection.
Sweet Pepper Risotto Succulent red bell peppers, tender onions and  wine combine to make a recipe bursting with sweetness.
Tabouli Delight A unique and refreshing salad marinated with garlic and sweet vine ripened tomato.
Tasty Brown Rice A unique bend of garlic, soy sauce, butter and
cheese unites this natural brown rice dish.
Wild Barley A rich blend of wild mushrooms and natural
barley topped with a savory sauce.
Wild Basmati Mix A dynamic blend of wild and basmati rice simmered with robust spices until firey hot. 



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