Feature Recipes

Eggplant Rollatine Tender, delicate eggplant stuffed with creamy cheese and smothered in sweet Italian tomato sauce.
Tomato Quiche Sweet vine ripened tomatoes and two cheeses make this quiche a mouthwatering experience.
Green Split Pea Soup A robust blend of tender peas, vegetables and ham simmered until smooth and delightful.
Home Baked Bread Nothing comes close to the smell and taste of fresh,  warm bread right out of your own oven.
Pasta E Fagioli A hearty Italian classic pasta and bean dish. Guaranteed to be delightful.
Blue Cheese Dressing Creamy and delightful. A perfect dressing for salads and raw vegetables.
Farfalle Con Fungi A superb blend of fresh tender mushrooms and flavorful sundried tomatoes tossed with pasta al dente.
Chick Pea Salad A refreshing blend of fresh vegetables, tender chick peas, robust herbs and spices marinated until the flavors unite.
Spiced Steak This firey blend of spices makes this juicy steak melt in your mouth.
Ginger Pork Chops A wonderful marinade which makes this dish a winner.



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