Breads & Such
Bagel Chips  Garlic and salt turn those extra bagels into a  tasty 
snack for everyone to enjoy. 
Eggs & Muffins Golden English muffins covered with eggs, melting 
with velvety cheese and topped with crisp bacon. 
EZ Pie Crust Use this tasty pie shell for all your favorite pie and 
quiche recipes. 
Flavored Bread Crumbs Herbs and cheese make these crumbs very  tasty! 
Garlic Bread Soft, warm Italian bread melting with a sinful garlic 
and herb butter spread. 
Garlic Bread II  Heavenly Italian bread drenched with herbs and 
Mozzarella cheese then baked until dripping. 
Unstuffing An exquisite combination of fine herbs, delicate 
broth, golden bread and  robust sausage, baked 
until moist and mouth watering. 
Vegetable Nachos  Olives, tomatoes, jalapenos, onions and cheddar 
piled on tortillas and baked until melting. 
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